Workshops and individual psychological consultations

Business relations and people management is a topic that is important for every boss, manager, director, entrepreneur and employer. At the same time, it is associated with great responsibility and the greatest difficulties. Creating an environment where people will develop, grow, have satisfaction from their work is a frequent vision in the realization of which, there are obstacles. A psychological view of relationships, emotions and needs is a prerequisite for your business to flourish.

Cooperation – evolution or revolution needed now

According to the Effectiveness (2021) report, Collaboration – evolution or revolution needed now ? (see Effectiveness report), according to only one in ten employees (11%), high levels of collaboration persis?? always, and for less than half (45%) it occurs mos?? of the time. People still value processes and tasks (65.5%) over relationships, and without a focus on these, cooperation and broader social well-being is not possible.

Building cooperation is a demanding, ongoing and long-term process. It requires extensively developed soft skills, empathy and openness to another person, another perspective and diversity.

Self-development is the key to relationality and a healthy team atmosphere, and through attentiveness at the relationship level, it is possible to build the trust necessary for good cooperation.

We first function in a group at home, and then formally and publicly, in the education system – at school and college. The way of being in a group is built in us when we are children. Often unconsciously and separately from rationalizing the emotions experienced by the employee/client/leader – as it was experienced by her/him as a child.

 Workshops and individual consultations where team members can reflect on their emotionality, discern their own mechanisms, behaviors and reactions related to childhood should help the team to communicate internally and externally, be healthily assertive, attentive to the emotions of others, distinguish constructive feedback that supports individual development from one that threatens autonomy, and develop a healthy sense of agency and self-confidence.

The mix of multicultural environments, languages, competencies, personalities, complexity of tasks and teams often results in informational and relational chaos.

Under such conditions, the natural human tendency is to save cognition. People use effective mental simplifications and practical common-sense rules to help them understand social reality, because they are incapable of processing all the social information affecting them. And so important information is omitted, numerous errors are created, misjudgment of reality, phenomenon, person, distortion of perceived and interpreted reality.

Psychologist in the company. That is, how we can help your organization!
We cooperate with organizations in the field:

  • Structure and process of team building and roles
  • Internal teamwork and unifying purpose
  • Self-awareness in the team
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Constructive feedback
  • Inclusive and diversity in the team and organization
  • Healthy assertiveness and self-confidence
  • A servant leader, not a directive one
  • Conflicts – what they give and how to resolve them
  • Employee motivation
  • External communication of the team in the organization
  • Cooperation in an international environment
  • Changes – breakups and recruitment