Joanna Marszalska business psychologist

Joanna Marszalska - business psychologist

Joanna Marszalska business psychologist

Joanna Marszalska – a business psychologist with over 10 years of professional experience and a certified Scrum Master. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Jagiellonian University, she combines the approach of psychology and economics in working with people and business organizations. 

She supports clients in the aspect of psychological and business difficulties. Long experience as a manager makes her effective in creating tailored and personalized training and mental health programs for multinational corporations. She conducts individual and group sessions, workshops, builds teams and business strategies. Her knowledge of business, based on experience, allows her to better understand the dilemmas and emotional and organizational difficulties her clients face. 

During her 5-year master’s studies at Jagiellonian University, she acquired the necessary skills and knowledge related to psychology. Her later professional experience included working at the Clinical Department of Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University Hospital in Krakow, at the J. Brzechwa House for Young Children in Krakow and in cooperation with the Itaka Foundation. ĘIn his therapeutic practice, he is always guided by the principles of the Code of Ethics of a Psychologist of the Polish Psychological Association, and he subjects his work to regular supervision. 

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