Strategic consulting and training

Strategic consulting and training

Offer for companies and institutions – cooperation with psychologists Mental Health in Business

Take a look at the sample training courses:

  • Motivating with conversation, or about the Motivational Dialogue method
  • Pleasure management, or where is the line between pleasure and addiction
  • Empathic leadership – a charismatic leader
  • Mindfulness in everyday life – mindfulness training
  • Business relationships: with employees and customers
  • A healthy feedback culture 
  • Stress management 
  • Diversity&Inclusion 
  • Occupational burnout and other causes of suffering – health prevention 
  • Flexible mind – increasing psychological flexibility as a major factor regulating emotions, counteracting mental disorders and increasing life satisfaction(series of 6 workshops) 
  • Developing mindfulness skills 
  • Mental health – a must for every worker. 
  • Good enough and effective enough! Disadaptive perfectionism in business and beyond. How to deal with it to make it work!

Motivating with conversation, or the Motivational Dialogue method One of our proposed trainings is the Motivational Dialogue method, which is widely used in business, coaching and psychology, among others. Dialogue originated as a method of motivation for change, applicable in particular to the most difficult clients. It was initially applied to addicts or prisoners. Numerous clinical studies have proven its effectiveness in this regard. Over time, it has also been successfully applied in business, both as a method of team building, improving the quality of relationships within a team, and conversations with clients.

Motivational Dialogue, the definition says, is „a collaborative style of conversation used to strengthen a person’s self-motivation and commitment to change.” At its core is the belief that people rarely change permanently under the influence of external factors. The trick is to bring out, reinforce and sustain change, which, as the DM’s creators note, is not an event, but a process.

Areas in which we can provide professional psychotherapeutic help and support

And many others – depending on individual needs.

As part of our proposed program, each of the company’s employees will be able to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. We offer contact within our office or online – depending on the needs of the employee. We offer assistance with discretion and professional secrecy. An employer who buys a package for all employees receives an aggregate report, in which the data of individual employees are not disclosed.

Employees on sick leave

Employee Assistance Programs in the US have been around since the 1940s. More and more companies, faced with the growing crisis, are deciding to take care of their employees. Providing psychotherapeutic support to employees is becoming an increasingly common, though still very rare, good practice in Polish companies. This is a non-financial benefit for a company’s employees, which can directly translate into the company’s functioning. In 2020, the number of days during which employees were on leave due to mental problems increased by as much as 58 percent. Poles did not go to work for a total of 27.7 million days for this reason. In contrast, sick leave due to chronic stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety disorders increased by more than 35 percent in 2021. Mental ailments related to work issues ultimately resulting in job burnout have been recognized by the World Health Organization as a medical problem and included in the 2022 International Classification of Diseases. According to Mindy’s September 2021 report. 'Mental Wellbeing of Employees in Poland’, an average of 5 hours and 43 minutes of work are lost per week through deteriorated mood. That adds up to 36 days a year. These statistics will continue to rise, experts say.

The Program offers two sample options:

Support program for employees and their families.

A program to support employers, executives and their families.