Caring people create an effective organization. A culture of cooperation and commitment combined with trust. Conflicts resolved developmentally and loyalty. All of these are necessary tools to achieve high business results along with employee happiness.

Strategic consulting and training

We know that awareness is the best prevention. That's why we inspire in trainings. In the form of workshops, online and LIVE. We spark creativity and collaborate on strategies for a healthy organizational culture.


We build collaboration and integrate new teams, clarify roles and help remodel existing teams. We help implement transparency and a culture of healthy feedbackup through healthy communication that includes emotions.

Employee Support Program

A customized program tailored to the needs of the organization, built from a carefully selected system of training and educational events led by professionals. Stress, emotions at work and health well-being are sample topics.

Change in organization

We collaborate to create healthy agile work standards based on the highest value of human beings. We support Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters and the digital transformation process.

Our mission

Co-creating a healthy business culture together with organizations is our goal. Working in the practice with people who experience suffering mainly related to the professional sphere has made us want to proactively engage in cooperation with business.
Our educational and preventive activities on a broader scale, allow us to minimize the suffering of managers and employees, and counteract civilizational mental disorders. And increase profits, by increasing the satisfaction of people in the organization.

A healthy business culture is a differentiator in a competitive market fighting for the best employees.

You will gain: Greater employee engagement Stability and loyalty of teams Decreased sickness absence at work Reduced recruitment costs through lower turnover Greater employee satisfaction and happiness Satisfaction and fulfillment in line with one's values