Change in the organization with the support of psychologists

Recent years have shown us how much of a changing world we live in and how much we need stability for our health. The glue between the changing world and people in business and management is psychology. Making changes in an organization is a particularly sensitive time. Changes that are a natural part of business development in the areas of goals, business strategy, or technology go hand in hand with high emotions and require deeper changes in the attitudes of employees and customers.

Change is a complex process, at which we offer comprehensive and tailored for the organization psychological support.

If your organization is planning or is in the process of transforming business models and new departments are being formed to create new technology products to automate processes, find valuable insights or engage customers in new communication channels – then psychological support is an essential pillar of stability.
The environment of constant change is one of the most demanding workplaces, where turnover rates are the highest and occupational burnout and tension-related mental disorders with stress are ubiquitous.

We know that long-term cooperation and relationships are key in the construction process.

What do we propose for you and your organization as a pillar of stability in change?

Training inspires development

We offer practical training to prepare employees and clients for upcoming changes or inspire solutions to current problems: change management, emotions, persuasive message building, among others.

Design Thinking workshops – boosting creativity

When you need to stimulate layers of innovation and creativity – at our workshop you and your team will develop innovative solutions for products and internal processes in the organization and plan their implementation step by step.

Psychological care – support in business and emotional difficulties

For those responsible for implementing change – managers, who often under long-term stress need to cope with making constant attempts, a series of rejections, a sense of lack of understanding, seeking motivation. While supporting others in difficulties, they themselves need care. We create a safe space for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and other employees to take care of their difficult emotions.

Processes and organization

The business structure and selection of process and administrative methodologies, digital tools is the bone structure of a company, without which even the best creative team of professionals will quickly give up. We help process design take into account people and their psyche – customers and employees.

We will handle internal communications and health prevention events for employees.


We support business in the following areas:

  • Change management
  • Digital transformation
  • Agile and Scrum implementation
  • Building new departments/hubs
  • Rapid growth of the company/startup
  • Relationships with customers and employees
  • Internal processes
  • Changing product portfolio