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Psychologist Psychotherapist Maria Dobraczyńska Psychotherapy, psychological consultations Warsaw Ursynów

My name is Maria Dobraczyńska, I am a psychologist and individual and group  psychotherapist 

(certificate no 77 Instytut Analizy Grupowej Rasztów). 

I conduct psychodynamic/ psychoanalytic individual psychotherapy and psychological consultations for adults.

My cabinet is in Warsaw, Ursynów Kabaty. 

I also conduct psychotherapy and psychological consultations online


I offer my help to adults:

  • with a chronic sense of sadness and dissatisfaction with life
  • with problems in relationships with other people
    in mourning or with a sense of other loss (loss of job, breakup of a relationship)
  • with personality disorders
  • with low self-esteem
  • with professional burnout
  • with anxiety disorders
  • struggling with depressive, neurotic, anxiety, psychosomatic and eating disorders.

I conduct individual psychotherapy for adults, sessions can also be held in English. All psychotherapy sessions take place in Warsaw, Ursynów. I conduct psychotherapy and online psychotherapy consultations for people staying abroad.

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